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Jan 18

Lost in the world of laptop cases and confused about which one to choose?

Well, we will help you choose a laptop briefcase.

Here we have built up a comprehensive list of information that will give you a head start in your seach for a notebook case. These are made from a variety of materials. Starting from the very basic canvass you can look for other superior materials like nylon, suede and cordura.

A leather laptop brief is a long time favourite of professionals. The rich texture and good looks of the leather accentuates the formal look of office goers.

But that’s not the only group of people using laptops, thus it’s but natural that you have lot more choices…

Laptop briefcases made out of aluminium have a hard outer casing and a soft internal padding to provide protection from external shocks. Cases made out of neoprene are very much popular now a days. Moreover you have options in terms of choosing a hand-held-only case or a laptop case with wheels.

If Sturdy Metal Cases Is more your tune check out the best metal cases here!

Choosing laptop cases

You do not want to end up with a product which does not cater to your taste or requirements. Check the following parameters before purchasing a laptop case.

  • Endurance
    Your laptop brief will protect a very expensive piece of hardware. So be very particular about checking the endurance of the case and look for tight and fine stiching. The corners are the portions exposed to rough use and thus wear out early. So look for sturdy corner reinforcements. Check the warranty period provided by seller and take advantage of such facilities in case of any problem.
  • Strength to Weight Ratio
    You don’t want add more to the weight of your laptop and accessories while travelling. So it’s desired to go for laptop carrying cases made of light weight materials, but then at the same time they should perform well under loads. Therefore the option is to for materials with a high strength to weight ratio. Cordura is one such material with a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Protection
    The more the arrangements for protection of the laptop the better. Check the internal paddings for extra cushioning.
  • Ergonomy
    Comfort and aesthetics are important considerations while selecting laptop cases. There are certain cases with gel-filled shoulder straps that would be very comfortable to handle even under high loads. While looking for a rolling laptop case go for the ones with full length telescopic handle. Look for special shock-absorbing straps to ease heavy loads. Choose a lively color. Go beyond the dull laptop cases and choose from the sporty action line. It reflects your good taste.
  • Flexibility
    A flexible design will certainly serve you better. Search for cases with dedicated storage space apart from the generalized one. The case should accomodate your accessories that are a part of your mobile kit.
  • Price
    Every thing boils down to what you are ready to pay for your laptop case. You can shell out a lot of money for that high profile designer laptop case or you might better be patient and choose from the available options, one that will give you the best value for money.

Laptop case care

Check these tips for forging a better relationship with your laptop carrying case.

  • Coatings and treatments are used on the fabrics to make them durable. Using strong detergents on them can break the coating, thus reducing their durability.
  • I know it’s a bit weired me telling you this but please do not throw your briefcase in the washing machine. The padding used to protect your laptop will absorb water which if not dried properly might damage your laptop.
  • Refrain from applying oil to locks and hinges. The oil might leak into the case and affect your laptop.
  • Under no circumstances should you overstuff your laptop. That puts too much stress on the zippers and might cause them to rip off the seams. That might also cause the zipper to split. In case the zipper teeth is stuck do not pull it with force rather use something like a pencil and draw up and down both sides of the zipper.
  • To clear spills and scratches on the laptop carrying cases it is recommended that slow and light rubbing should be done either using warm water or an appropriate cleanser. Excessive scrubbing is not recommended because it might damage the fabric.

Well, now you are equipped with the basics of choosing laptop cases. Hope this endeavour helps.

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