Best Laptop Skins And Stickers

By Charles | Blog

Dec 14

Laptop skins can become an identity of yourself and it can give a lively expression to your
otherwise cold gadget.

If you are one of those restless souls that strive to be different from the crowd then you must give notebook skins a thought.
Custom laptop stickers

provide an unique
oppurtunity to express your individuality or promote things you are passionate about.

But, what are laptop skins?

Laptop stickers or skins are quality laminated vinyl with designs on them and can be easily glued to your laptop’s top surface without much of a fuss. Usually laminated vinyl is used for campaign advertisements. It sticks well enough protecting the cover of your precious laptop, apart from providing that custom look and feel.

The best laptop skins in the market allow you to remove them
when needed without affecting the surface of the laptop. Moreover the removal can be done without
using any tool at all. Companies provide standard shapes that fits some of the popular laptop models
in the market. But they can be custom designed as per your specifications as well.

You have the option of choosing one of the available designs or you can upload your own picture. While uploading your
own picture use the JPG format to store your image. Consult the service provider for the optimal picture sizes for different laptop models. That would ensure you get a sharp image, else you might end up with a hazy picture. Always check your picture using the preview facility that most of the vendors have
before final submission of your design. Usually with good care a decent enough laptop sticker lasts for
over an year.

Wondering how to use laptop skins in creative ways?

Check out which one replicates your situation…


You are unique and your laptop must be unique. Dont carry the same black or grey laptops
that everyone else has.

To get that custom look and feel you neither need to worry about colors nor spend hundreds of dollars.
All you have to do is express your ideas and thoughts. You can print your own photo, graphic, logo etc
on semi-permanent, water-resistant and protective laptop skins. If you paint or are interested in
photography then a high resolution photo of your creation can be put onto the skin. You can carry
that masterpiece or that innocent smile round the house.

Is there a car, city or breed of dog you love ?


These laptop skins are a great promotional tools for business organisations.
These can be used to promote company, stores, product launches, events etc. Laptop skins can take a company logo
, name or trademark on it and that turns your laptop into a dynamic marketing tool. The top area of the
laptop is an untapped advertising resource readily available to most companies. Use of that space extends the advertising
reach. The
cheap laptop skins

can be changed as often as you wish. The covers also make great promotional gifts for the staff.


This is a great way of promoting camaraderie and oneness among the students.
It can be used as a fund raiser tool. It can be used to give the school a unique edge and pride in inter
school events and competitions.

Organisations and groups

Organisations and special interest groups can make an effective use of the
laptop skins in promoting their activities and at the same time being close to the theme that they love so much.

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Fashion
  • Flags of the world
  • Coins
  • Military
  • Models
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Ornithology

…are few of your numerous interests that you can depict on your laptop.

Let us consider art for an example.

Of late the laptop skins have emerged as a new palette for artists and as a means to have their work seen,
appreciated and purchased by lovers of art. So in case you happen to have your favourites among the contemporary
artists you can always carry your choice of their work anywhere you wish on your laptop. This could be extended
to any other hobby. That gives you one more chance to showcase your love and passion for your hobby.

Bands and soccer clubs give your fans another way of expressing their love.


Create buzz by promoting on laptops. Laptop stickers are a great way for promoting your event.

Personalized gifts

At the expense of a couple of dollars and a few minutes online you can get a laptop skin with a sharp design,
tastefully crafted to your specifications. A perfect gift,thougtfully chosen is certain to bring that precious
smile on that most important face.

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