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Dec 21

Let’s face it, your laptop speaker’s work, but they do not deliver the sound you need for the kind of music you like. The computer engineers design speakers to produce basic sound only. If you want quality sound from your laptop computer, you will have to look to other options. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to improve the sound coming out of your laptop so you could play your favorite tunes or watch a movie without having to use earphones? One way to improve the sound coming from your laptop is to get some external speakers. Keep in mind when considering whether to get external speakers for your laptop, those devices are not designed to put out the same quality of sound your desktop is capable of producing. You can, however, get a much better quality of sound with external laptop speakers than you can with the built-in ones.

You’ve got your choice of some unique products to solve this problem. On very bright idea is to combine speakers with a laptop tray. These are USB speakers.  You just connect your laptop via the USB port and you are all set to enjoy your favorite music or watch a move and not have to strain to hear. You don’t have to be slaved to connecting by wire.  Another great product from Altec Lansing is the wireless speakers. This system uses the blue tooth technology.   You get enough bandwidth to transfer the sound from your laptop to the speakers without losing any quality. Another very cool idea is the Lapdesk speaker from Logitech.  These are  small two side-by-side speakers in one unit. It conveniently clips to the top of your laptop.  It is plug-and-play.  You just connect the cord to your USB port and you’re all set. If features full stereo sound and it has it’s own carrying case to keep is protected when inside your laptop bag.

Best Laptop Speakers

The price is more than better if you buy it online.

You can get bigger laptop speakers.  When you do this, you sacrifice space for much better quality.  You can also go the small route.  Some very good speakers will fit right into that laptop bag so you can take them wherever you go. Having a laptop doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality sound.   You can take it with you by using a variety of laptop speakers.  Some connect via the USB port. Others are wireless and use the Blue Tooth system for connection. While these speakers do not deliver super quality sound, you can get quality sound that is much better than your internal speakers and the price is comparable to most other accessories for your laptop.

Logitech Z-5 USB Stereo Speakers for Mac and PCClick to View Product Details$189.00

Logitech Wireless USB Speaker Z515Click to View Product Details$64.98

Altec Lansing iML237USB ORBIT Ultra Portable USB-Powered SpeakerClick to View Product Details$26.99

Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPadClick to View Product Details$45.98

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker (Black)Click to View Product Details$18.00

Creative D200 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerClick to View Product Details$90.99

Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers (Black)Click to View Product Details$59.99

Click to View Product DetailsClick Here to View Sale Price

Altec Lansing BXR1220 2.0 Speaker SystemClick to View Product Details$14.95

HP USB Mini SpeakersClick to View Product Details$17.95

SuperTooth Disco High Power Bluetooth Stereo Speaker – BlackClick to View Product Details$112.42

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