Best Metal Laptop Cases. So Sturdy.

By Charles | Blog

Dec 28

Metal laptop cases have their own fan club and loyal users. No doubt they serve the discerning user well.

Imagine a person carrying his laptop to work and ending up with a damaged laptop because of some workplace accident.

Every year thousands of laptops are damaged by accidents. Thus it pays to invest in the security of your laptop hardware. Owners of metal laptop cases understand this pretty well. Soft sided cases provide very less protection from drops and external forces as compared to metal cases. Moreover metal cases provide more room for cables, discs and other accessories.

Aluminium is the most popular metal used for preparing laptop cases. At times materials like chrome are also used. The high strength to weight ratio of aluminium makes it suitable for this purpose.

Let’s check two of the most popular brands of metal laptop cases viz. MEZZI and ZERO Halliburton.


This company headquartered in British Columbia produces some exquisite metal laptop cases by using highest quality materials and state of the art technology facilities. It’s metal laptop cases cater to an wide array of requirements.

The outer shell of the case is made of aluminium whereas the interior is made of nylon. Facility of attaching shoulder straps when required is provided in most of their models. Three digit central combination lock feature is provided which can be set by you. Pen holders and business cards sit on their dedicated locations in metal laptop cases from MEZZI.

XXT Laptop Case model is the ultimate carrier for a person moving with a lot of accessories. It contains 6 velcro dividers, a removable document pad and the best part it can accomodate two laptops simultaneously. The WOODline model comes with padded nylon interior. It contains a chrome handle and and the body is made of hard aluminium frame. It consists of four interior compartments.

The M-ZERO line of laptop cases is an example of elegance. Manufactured in two colors silver and black, these are molded from a single piece of aircraft aluminium. Dual key locks provide the security.

ZERO Halliburton

Cases from the ZERO Halliburton stable are among the most durable cases in the market today and they provide unequal protection as compared to any other laptop case in the market.

The case exterior is made of aluminium. The material used is of very high quality as it is the same material used for building airplanes and space shuttle. This metal has a tensile strength 50,000 pounds per square inch and weighs only around 8 ounces per square feet. Simply put this material has excellent strength to weight ratio.

The interior is densly foamed, covered with nylon to protect the contents. Adjustable interior straps hold your laptop in place under extreme testing conditions.

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A gasketed seal is provided which keeps dust and moisture out during transit. ZERO Halliburton cases are well designed to protect your laptop even when the case is exposed to rain. Like in most metal laptop cases security is a given with a triple digit combination lock that is set by you.

Metal laptop cases from ZERO Halliburton come in different budget ranges. The 3″ DELUXE SILVER LAPTOP ATTACHE that fits a laptop of dimensions 9.875 x 15.375 x 3 retails at around $285 whereas the 3″ SILVER LAPTOP ATTACHE sells around $235.

The DELUX CATALOG STYLE ZEROLLER LAPTOP CASE is one of the premium metal laptop cases in the ZERO Halliburton product line. It boasts of features like black polyster interior, top opening lid, 5 stage extending handle, double portfolio with 10 pockets,polyurethane skate wheels, removable tote and accessory pouches. Locking mechanism is a 3 digit combination lock. The case weighs 14lbs.

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