A Comfortable Laptop Stand For Beds, Who Would Have Thought?

By Charles | Blog

Nov 29

Don’t be this guy. Being cheap to save a few dollars on comfort is going to hurt you in the long run. Laying your laptop on a plush surface is a sure fire way to overheat your laptop. Air simply wont be able to flow outward from your laptop’s vent. Not to mention all the lint and dirt that can potentially get trapped in you vents. Besides that i know you aren’t comfortable having to support your computer with your leg. Stretch out! I know you want to!

I know you don’t want to spend a fortune for a table meant for your bed. After all, The majority of the time spent on your computer won’t be on the bed. I understand it isn’t economical to splurge on something I won’t be using regularly. Thankfully there is a whole range of options to choose from. Not to mention most bed tables can double as a stand for your computer!

 Amazon’s Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand The Perfect Laptop Stand For Beds

This laptop stand’s versatility is just amazing! You can practically use this laptop on any surface. Whether it be on your bed or couch. Its perforated holes separates your laptop from any surface and provides great air flow. It goes without saying that the metal mesh work also acts as a heat sink. It whisks away heat from your laptop in a jiffy. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about burning your lap anymore. Great isn’t it? If that didn’t convince you, the stand also folds up neatly and is completely portable. Simply fold it and its the size and weight of a small text book. Its also got a bunch of tabs to hold all your wires in place. Did I mention the height was adjustable? It also swivels back and forth to allow you to tilt your screen any which way you prefer!

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