The Duke: Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

By Charles | Blog

Jun 20

Theres been a lot of hype going around about standing desks. Standing desks are the newest innovation thats got everyone raving about its health benefits. Sitting has become a disease. The effects of inactivity for prolonged periods of time has been likened to smoking. Extreme isn’ it? According to James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, most people live a sedentary lifestyle. The new normal is to sit. Most people sit all day and only exercise when they have to walk from the parking lot to their office. On average most white collar jobs entail sitting for approximately 6 hour every day at his or her desk and we all know that sitting all day can cause a range of health problems such as obesity to diabetes. Thats exactly why some have opted to call “sitting the new smoking.”

People don’t need experts in the medical field to tell them that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health but no one wants to spend a exorbitant amount of money to buy a standing desk. Especially when they have a perfectly usable desk already. Thats where The Duke comes in! The Duke converts your existing desk into a veritable standing desk or computer riser. The Duke comes fully equipped with a strong metal base wide enough for your keyboard and mouse and a adjustable mount for your laptop or monitors. The adjustable mount is also extremely easy to move to get the right height for everyone. Simply pushing the lever on the right side of the duke elevates or drop the mount. Easy right? Theres no need to become a wrench monkey every time you want to readjust the height! Plus The Duke elevates high enough for even a 6 foot tall guy!

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