Fashionable Laptop Bags? HA!

By Charles | Blog

Jan 21

Fashion Laptop Bag…for fun on way to work

Couple of years earlier you would have attracted not so good comments like “Oh! She’s so unprofessional” had you carried a trendy laptop bag. But things have changed a lot and today the mindset is more tilted towards making work a good enjoyable experience. With that the have changed a lot many things. For example I wouldnt be surprised to see a top executive being in office clad with his favorite jeans and tees. DO you remember Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc, in his trademark jeans and round neck tees taking questions from millions of shareholders or revealing a hot new product.

This bent of mind has percolated to a sizeable proportion of corporates and their culture reflects it in a big way. In such a scenario its not difficult to imagine a fashion laptop bag accompanying you to office, is it?

Earlier in the black and white days in the context of laptop bags one was forced to suppress the desire for rich colors to cover her laptop but today there is no limitation but the imagination. Every other color you could think of is available in the market in breath taking designs. TOday fashion laptop bag
manufacturers are introducing new designs, colors and fabrics at a rate that is difficult to beat. Earlier leather was by far the option for laptop bags. But with this new found craze among fashion conscious users, laptop bag manufacturers have brought in synthetic materials like nylon, PVC, cordura and cotton…

Yup! You Heard It Right Cotton.

Fashion, Decals, stickers only go so well together amiright or amiright?

Some laptop sleeves are made of rich silk as well. Use of these materials brought in a lot more utility flexibility and glitz and glamor to the fashion laptop bag options which you enjoy today. Its not only the cool looks that made these materials click among users but the range of other properties which made them the obvious choice. I am not saying the days of fine black rich leather are over, truth is anything but that. You still will find afficionados of rich leather laptop bags.
But then the modern day bag has its own set of ardent followers.

Some reasons why I prefer a fashionable laptop bag to a traditonal black leather bag are as follows:

  • The primary reason that I like it is that it gives me a sense of freedom and I derive my kick out of deciding what color to wrap my machine around with. I like when people turn around and give me an appreciative smile, all for my laptop bag. This for me is priceless.
  • It is handy to have a laptop bag made of cordura than that of leather from a utility point of view as well. Materials like cordura are far lighter and durable than leather. That makes carrying the laptop fun and easy.
  • Leather is good only if you have the time and energy to keep it that way. It requires a lot of maintenance as compared to bags made of synthetic materials.
  • A well chosen fashionable bag is easy on my wallet as compared to standard leather bag and will serve for a longer span of time.
  • You will not even know that there is a laptop inside my red colored backpack. Yeah, my laptop bag doubles up as a backpack and that kind of comouflages the laptop bag as any other normal carrier thus reducing the chances

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