What In The World Is A Laptop Keyboard Protector?

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Jan 21

A Must Have Accessory For Your Laptop

What on earth is a laptop keyboard protector? And why do you need it?

It is a thin transparent cover that can be used to cover your laptop keyboard. It reduces the exposure of the keyboard to environment. This in turn helps in keeping the laptop keyboard neat and clean for a longer period of time without much cleaning effort from your side.

The idea of a notebook keyboard protector can be primarily traced back to the Macintosh users. Macintosh, a white laptop from Apple Inc, was very vulnerable to dirt and dust. So transparent keyboard protectors were promoted to preserve its beauty. As of today use of keyboard protectors have penetrated to other computer and laptop users as well.

Various materials are used for manufacturing the protectors. A notebook protector is usually made of plastic or silicone among other materials. Silicone is more protective in nature when it comes to fluid spills on the keyboard. A silicone keyboard protector will easily prevent any damage from water and oil spills. But it may not be very resistant to corrosive liquids like alcohol.

Read more about what features and accessories are important for you here.

Top Reasons to Have a Laptop Keyboard Protector

So what are the main reasons for which you should have a protector in place? I have compiled a list of them below. Check them out

  • Most of the laptops get damaged due to liquid spills. Have you ever watched a movie on your laptop with your coke kept in close quarters of the machine? Or have you ever been working on your kitchen table with a cup of coffee sitting by it side? These are very common occurrences among us. But more often than not we tend to forget the huge problem that lies in this. That is the chance of the liquid be it a glass of water, beer, coke or a cup coffee spilling onto the laptop keyboard.Statistics say this is one of the ways in which most of the laptop problems arise. To mitigate this potential danger a protector can be used. The cover will snugly fit into the keyboard and stay over there. You will type on to the protector. This will take care of any unintentional fluid spills on the laptop cover.
  • How many times have you observed dirt, hair and dust particles settling in the vacant spaces of your keyboard? This definitely increases your maintenance time on the keyboard. A well fitted keypad protector will save you the hassle of cleaning it again and again. You can clean any dust that settles on the protector easily.
  • If you ever had a polished laptop keyboard then you know how bad it looks when you see your fingerprints on it. It will let you punch the keys on itself thus collects all your finger prints on itself which can be cleaned later easily.
  • A protector increases the life of the keyboard by reducing day to day wear of the keys.

Popular Laptop Keyboards Protectors Available in the Market

Here is a list of the popular and good protectors. A cover made by any of these is among the better ones available in the market right now.


KeySkin notebook keyboard protector is a product that mostly targets Mac users. Its covers are made of Silicone for extra durability. Each laptop keyboard cover is an exact fit for the model it is made for. KeySkin covers come in various colors for you to choose from.

Protect Computer Products

Protect Computer Products is an established provider of computer and laptop protection parts. A protector from them comes with a price but then that assures of quality and service for a long time to come. A look at their customers will convince you on this. Most of the computer manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, IBM, Fujitsu and Panasonic use protectors from PCP. The fact that American Army uses their products speaks a lot of the quality and durability.


ProTouch is a laptop keyboard protector from iSkin that specializes in accessories for Apple products. ProTouch snugly fits onto the keyboard and provides the protection you have been looking for. It reduces the noise of key strokes. This is ideal for use in school, office or home. The new age ProTouch comes equipped with Microban antimicrobial protection to prevent growth of microbes that can possibly cause odour. This is a perfect match for Mac keyboards.

Seal’n Type

Seal’n Type is another reputed laptop keyboard protector brand. It s pre-moulded to fit each hey of the keyboard. It’s hygienic and can be sterilized to prevent bacteria development. Soft durable polymer is used to make the protector. Its flexibility ensures minimum difference in the force used to type on the keyboard. Seal’n Type laptop keyboard protector comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. It can even be customized as per your needs.

Disadvantages of Using a Laptop Keyboard Protector

On the flip side there are so called disadvantages of using a keyboard protector. But if you ask me its nothing more than a temporary glitch that you will get used to once you start using a laptop keyboard protector.

I seem to be biased, don’t I? Well now let’s move on to the disadvantages

  • Interference with the typing speed is one of the major concerns people have whil

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